Webinar Funnel

Discover how to use the Knorish Funnel Builder and launch your webinar funnel

The Knorish webinar funnel builder helps you create a high-converting webinar funnel in which a webinar you conduct essentially acts as a lead magnet and also as a way to convert your leads.
Enabling powerful marketing integrations, also lets you upsell through mailers and retarget visitors for more conversions.
Here're the steps to get started:

  • Go to your Dashboard > Funnel Builder > Choose Landing Page Funnel 
  • Type in the name of the funnel. (This is for your internal reference)
  • Click on + Course and select an existing course (Alternatively, click on Create A Course, if the course is not already created). Enable the content that you wish to distribute inside the course. Learn how to create a course here: Create a Course 
  • Click on + Page to select the landing page for the funnel that you have designed (Alternatively, click on Create a New Landing Page, if not created already)

      •  Ensure to connect the CTA buttons on the landing page to the course while editing and save the page.
      • Use the Knorish AI - FunnelsGPT to write a high-converting landing page copy 
      • Select ‘I have edited this page’ once the page has been customized
  • Under Landing page URL, click on Edit SEO to optimize the landing page URLOnce done select ‘I have optimized the page for SEO’. To learn more about URL Optimization for SEO, refer here: On Page SEO
  • Now you are ready to start promoting the landing page. Copy the Page URL to promote on social media channels. Once done, mark this step complete/select other options. You could also use FunnelsGPT to write the social media post for you. Click on Ask Knorish AI and select the right prompt to get started.   
  • To promote your landing page via social media ads, integrate marketing tools. Once done, mark this step complete/select other options. Learn how to integrate these here: Facebook Pixel IntegrationGoogle AnalyticsGoogle Tag Manager
  • Launch Ads. Once done, mark this step complete/or select other options. Once again use the power of Knorish AI to craft compelling ad copies and content for you.
  • In the next step, you will have the option to upsell courses via emailers where you can actually set up email triggers to your target to upsell your course with filters like:
    • Create Trigger - when the webinar has started or when the webinar has ended.
    • Edit the Email - where you can generate a coupon code offering a discount in your paid course and here you will also find a pre-built email already available which you can easily modify at your end and add the coupon code in the email.
    • Define Trigger Timing - you can choose to send emails 'immediately' or schedule them to be sent 'before trigger' or 'after trigger' at specific days or hours. 

Note: The Trigger and Timing option can be used to send emails before the webinar starts and afterwards. It allows you to send reminder emails to your registered participants, and upsell emails based on their attendance complete with coupon codes and custom-written emails. 

    • Select Recipients and Setup Emails based on their attendance:
      • All those who registered for the webinar
      • All those who registered but didn't attend the webinar
      • All those who attended the webinar  
  • Once done mark the Email setup completed.
  •  Retarget your page visitors for more conversions by re-engaging interested users with relevant content. By displaying targeted ads to users who have previously visited your website, retargeting keeps your brand and products fresh in their minds, encouraging them to return and complete desired actions, ultimately leading to higher conversion rates.
    Once done mark “I have retargeted the users with ads” as complete

  • Click on Publish Funnel 
Important Considerations
  • To know which funnel would work fine for your online course: feel free to watch the insightful video guides before you start.
  • When you click on buttons like create a course/create a page/edit landing page etc. Don't worry if you get redirected to other sections in the dashboard, on the bottom right-hand side of the screen you'll find an option to go back to building the funnel.
  • You can always come back to the funnel builder section and complete building the funnel as well. 
  • A maximum of 6 emails can be added to a Funnel.
  • Emails can be sent within a period of 10 days starting from the time of the trigger.
  • Webinar & Ebook Funnels are available in Professional and Pro plans.
  • All upsell emails can be sent for up to 10 days from the trigger event. 
  • Learn more about how to use Knorish AI here: FunnelsGPT