Adding course content to your online course

Kinds of content you can use in your online course

You can use a variety of content types for your online courses. Be it videos, audio, images, PDFs, or presentations. You can even use AR/VR videos as well.

Additionally, you can even share downloadable files with your students for additional learning outside the online course. All these content types then become study material for students to learn from a later date. 

Adding course content

Access your online course and under the curriculum section, click on Add Chapter. Type in the chapter's name and select the type of content you wish to add. The options available are as follows:

  • Video: To upload a video from your device/PC/Laptop, click on Video and upload the video file. The platform supports most commonly used videos files such as MP4, WMV, AVI, MKV, or FLV video files.
  • Document: To upload a pdf, ppt or excel file, click on document, upload the file from your system. 
  • Embedded: In case you wish to use YouTube or Vimeo video, click on Embedded and copy-paste the embed code from YouTube/Vimeo.
  • Assessment: This section can be used to check for understanding at various points during the course. Questions can be single-choice, multiple-choice, objective & subjective questions as well. 
  • Live Events: Live video feeds using Zoom, Google meets, Microsoft Teams or YouTube Live Stream can be used to create live events.  


To learn about how to enable Live Stream on your online course, read more here:

Live events have a dual benefit. First, the content is created via a webinar which in itself is a great engagement tool and second, the same video can be then repurposed into an online course content as well. 

Additionally, you can even enable the drip functionality to release your content at specific time durations as well.

Via the Drip functionality, you can control the release of the content as per a specific timeline. You can choose to unlock new content after a specific number of days or weeks or at specific dates as well.

Anytime a new content piece is released, the system automatically shoots an email notification to all enrolled students as per the template listed which is also editable.