Ebook Funnel Builder

Discover how to set up an ebook download for lead capture & add traffic in your funnel?

Ebook downloads are a great marketing strategy that involves creating and promoting a free ebook as a lead magnet to attract potential customers. Using an ebook as a lead magnet, you are able to capture far more leads at lower costs.

The  Ebook Funnel Builder is designed with simplicity in mind. With just a few clicks, you can launch your awesome landing page and start selling a wide range of digital offerings - online courses, consulting services, coaching programs, or any other digital product. No technical expertise required.


Note: The Ebook funnel builder feature is available in Professional and Power Plans. To upgrade your account to these plans, please reach out to us here: Connect With Knorish Support 

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Here're the steps to create one for your course : 


  1.  Go to your Dashboard > Funnel Builder > Choose EBook Funnel 
  2. Type in the name of the funnel in place of Untitled Funnel.
  3. Then, click on + Course and select an existing course (Alternatively, click on Create A Course, if the course is not already created)
    • Enable the content that you wish to distribute inside the course. Learn how to create a course here: Create a Course 
  4. Click on + Select Chapter to select Select a chapter having ebook as downloadable asset (Alternatively, click on Create a Chapter, if not created already)
    • When you create a chapter, Make sure to upload the Ebook under “add downloadable file”. Note: Please upload your ebook in PDF Format.
  5. Click on + Page, select the landing page for the funnel that you have designed (Alternatively, click on Create a New Landing Page, if not created already)
    • Ensure to connect the CTA buttons on the landing page to the course while editing and save the page.
    • Select ‘I have edited this page’ once the page has been customized
  6. Under Landing page URL, click on Edit SEO to optimize the landing page URL. Once done select ‘I have optimized the page for SEO’
  7. Now you are ready to start promoting the landing page. Copy the Page URL to promote on social media channels. Once done, mark this step complete/select other options
    • You could also use FunnelsGPT to write the social media post for you. Click on Ask Knorish AI and select the right prompt to get started.   
  8. To promote your landing page via social media ads, integrate marketing tools. Once done, mark this step complete/select other options.
  9. Launch Ads. Once done, mark this step complete/or select other options. 
    • Once again use the power of Knorish AI to craft compelling ad copies and content for you.
  10. Upsell courses via emailers. This will trigger an email when the user downloads the Ebook. You can specify the timing of the trigger email to immediately after the download or a custom time of hours or days of the download. You can edit the email template to write a promotional message and even offer coupon codes for upselling your other courses.
    • Note: Upsell emails can be sent upto 10 days after the Ebook has been downloaded
  11.  Once done mark the Email setup completed.
  12.  Retarget your page visitors for more conversions by re-engaging interested users with relevant content. By displaying targeted ads to users who have previously visited your website, retargeting keeps your brand and products fresh in their minds, encouraging them to return and complete desired actions, ultimately leading to higher conversion rates.
    Once done mark “I have retargeted the users with ads” as complete

  13. Click on Publish Funnel


💡 Important Considerations:

  • When developing an eBook, remember to focus on your target audience's needs, offer high-quality content, create an appealing landing page, and implement effective email marketing strategies.
  • Regularly analyze and optimize your funnel for better results, ensuring it remains a valuable asset for lead generation and audience engagement.


Next Steps

Once the ebook download has been enabled, you can then promote it to get people interested in the topic to download the ebook from you and learn further. 

A Few Common Methods To Promote The Ebook

  • Social Media Posts
  • Paid Ads: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, & Twitter, etc.
  • Posts In Global Communities: Facebook, Reddit & other forum-based groups
  • Get a maximum number of people to download the ebook in exchange for their contact information - Email ID & phone numbers.
  • Retarget this audience to promote your webinars, courses & coaching programs!

Important Considerations 

Each PDF file added as an additional downloaded files can be upto 25 MB in size.