Knorish Sites Vs Online Courses

As an online learning platform, Knorish can be used to launch your website with just one online course or an entire gamut of online courses. The platform offers attractive website themes that can be used accordingly to ensure they fulfill your needs. 

  • You can use the platform to build a full-fledged website.
  • Or you can also create a single-page site for your online course. (landing pages, funnel pages etc.)
  • Standard Website Pages

Home Page 

Users see your academy’s name, logo, heading, and description, plus a list of your school's featured courses, course authors, testimonials, FAQs, call-to-action-buttons, etc that ensure students can enrol easily and much more. 

Course Pages 

In case you wish to launch multiple courses on your Knorish site, you should list the courses on your landing page and create individual course pages so that your learners can understand in detail what your courses are about. Above is the sample from one of our course creator sites as to how it works.

Additional Pages 

  • About Page

  • Team Page

  • Contact Us Page

  • Landing Pages

  • Privacy Policy
  • Others

There are hundreds of snippets available that allow you to customize your page as you wish. Plus the platform allows you to custom code most of the other functionalities that may be required

Terms & Conditions of Use 

Knorish has default versions of these, but you can always customize them to your liking. Every publisher on Knorish has the option to use a default or build their own policy. Go to Website Builder>Pages>Privacy Policy and click on the Edit with visual builder icon to modify the page and its contents as you wish. 

Knorish Courses

Knorish courses are the actual bundles of information packed together in a cohesive manner that allows learners to follow your content and learn.

You could 

Note: You can create an unlimited number of online courses in your online academy/coaching business. There is no limit to the number of users who can sign up or purchase your course unless you want to limit the course sales. 

Additionally, each online course needs its own sales/ landing page where students can learn in-depth about your online course. A well-designed course page with clearly laid out information for your prospective learners goes a long way in ensuring great sales of your courses.