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Publisher Dashboard: A Closer Look

On your Knorish site, your Publisher Dashboard is the first thing you will see when you log in as a Site Admin or Owner. This is where you’ll be able to access and interact with your site - Website Builder, the Course Builder, Student progress, Site settings, Analytics, Transactions, Plan & Billing, Identity & Access, etc. 

In this article, we’ll quickly cover everything you need to get started with Knorish on your Publisher dashboard.  


Here’s how your Publisher Dashboard looks like: 

Its elements include: 

  • Startup
  • Course 
  • Users
  • Analytics
  • Transactions
  • Plan & Billing
  • Website Builder
  • Settings
  • Identity & Access

In this article, we’ll help you to briefly understand how to navigate these elements on your Publisher Dashboard. 


The startup page prompts you to complete actionable basic steps to start creating your online site. Such as the creation of your first course, website building, personalizing your domain name, uploading your custom branding, creating your Terms & Policies document, Adding other functionalities (Integrations for ticket management, analytics, mailing), and connects you with available Knorish Knowledge Resources to help you further. 

Note: A tick mark appears next to each of the completed cards. So, that you start working on the pending steps. 


Clicking on the Course menu on your dashboard opens courses, live sessions, course categories, and course library settings. This section allows you to create or access a course, live sessions, categorize, build and access course libraries accordingly. 

Here’s how you create and set up your course or conduct your live sessions with Zoom.


The Users section displays the downloadable list of all the students who have access to your course. You may choose to look them up as per the date range. Should you need, you can download the list as well (Copy, CSV, Excel, Print format)

You can also read How to check the number of users in a course or all courses.


  • Analytics helps you to learn how to access and understand the various reports available including the overview of student performance, course views, assessment, and status of certification, etc. In addition 
  • Traffic Analytics feature shows you how site visitors are accessing your site, which devices are being used, and more such insights.

Here’s  How to use Analytics Feature on Knorish for your further reference. 


There are four sub-categories listed under Transactions

  • Earning, 
  • Refunds
  • Payout, 
  • GST 
  • Coupon

This section helps you to access and download the details of the amount (INR/USD) earned, refunds, payouts, GST statements, discount coupons, and more. 

Also, read Payouts, bank accounts update, and withdrawing money from your account

Plan & Billing 

This section allows you to renew or upgrade your Knorish account and get billing & invoices. You can check out Billing Details and Past Transactions for detailed steps here. 

Website Builder 

Website Builder is where you can build out all of your Site pages like Home Page, About Page,  Contact Us Page, etc. 

Here’s how you can access it: 

  1. Go to Dashboard Menu 
  2. Select Website Builder 

See How to install a theme, customize site pages and create your site for more details.


The Settings enables you to change your account settings. It has the following elements : 

  • Organization: Here, you can update your organization details for billing and legal purposes including the GST Number. In addition, you can white-label your site if you have opted for the Power plan. The option to delete your account too can be found in this section. But, before you delete your Knorish Account read this. 
  • Sign up & Login: Helps you to change background image plus enable capturing phone number and other custom fields with every signup, if required. 
    Here are the steps to customize your sign-up form

  • Blog Settings: This setting can be accessed under all Plans. Read how you can set up a blog on your Knorish site for reference if you want. 

  • Notifications: In this section, any new downloadable notifications - system generated or otherwise are displayed here.
    Here's how you can create a contact form & check for query notifications.
  • Spotlight: A spotlight is used for creating announcements/ notifications Or for redirecting the user to another page such as contact us, course page for sales, etc. Here’s how you can customize the Spotlight for your site. 
  • Contact Message: This section shows any messages from your students along with their details (Subject, Name, Email, Phone, Message, Other data,  Received On, Replied, and Actions).

    You’ll be required to integrate Freshdesk
  • Email Pipeline: Email Pipeline will show you all the emails sent from the account to users or students. Should you need, you can export the data in an excel format. 


Here are a couple of Key Integrations available  on Knorish


These are pre-set email templates for automatic emails that can be reset or edited. At present, these include:

  1. Email or Phone not confirmed
  2. Send Email to Team
  3. Send Email to Student
  4. Forgot Password Email
  5. Purchase Successful Customer
  6. Send Account Invite User Enterprise
  7. Public Sign up
  8. Send Course Invite User Enterprise
  9. Invoice to Student for Download
  10. Send Identity and Access Invite
  11. Live Event Email Template
  12. Live Session Reminder Email Template
  13. Live Session Cancellation Email Template
  14. Live Session Custom Email Template, etc.

Here’s how you can customize an automatic email template

URL Redirect: This feature redirects your domain’s visitors to a different URL. It enables you to forward your older URLs to new URLs.

Here’s how you can redirect URLs to your Knorish site.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Single Sign-On (SSO) is a paid and premium feature that enables users to sign in to the Knorish site without re-typing their password again. Here’s more information on this feature

Identity and Access 

Identity & Access is a feature that is available in paid plans (Professional & Power). It lets the Admin assign instructor/editing access to other users based on their roles and also enables users to have access to specific sections of the site/dashboard such as only the earning, blog, customer support roles, etc. 

Here’s how it works: 

So, above is a brief overview of how you can navigate your Publisher’s dashboard on your Knorish site. You’re now all set to start on your digital coaching journey.