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How to get your website and the academy ready for the launch Checklist?

This article goes over how to set up your coaching business within your Knorish site.

Here is a master checklist that maps all steps as a one-point reference for you to launch a successful business. 
 Each step has been linked to respective FAQs in the Knowledge Base for the user's convenience.

Create Courses and Bundle Subscriptions

After you create your academy, creating a course would be the next step. This article will help to begin with your first or next course(s).

Price & Set up the Course

Important setup steps including Pricing, Interaction, Theme, etc covered.

Integrate Custom Payment Gateways

Here's the list of payment gateways, you can integrate with your Knorish site in case you prefer to use your own gateway:

Note: Make sure that keys and secrets have been entered correctly and the webhooks are connected. 

 This is the name that appears on the signup pages, automated emails and in your Knorish subscription invoices, etc.
Modify student invoices templates
 Instructions to customize student invoice templates, if you wish to alter the default are as follows:
This feature enables building the most recommended funnels for the course creators.
 The article will share all domain-related information that covers Cloudfare, tips on purchasing and integrating a new domain for your site, etc.
 To start selling the courses or content on the Knorish site, creators need to connect the course page with the checkout page with these instructions.
The platform can automatically issue a course completion certificate when a student successfully completes a course. Here's how you can enable this feature for the learners to download their course completion certificates.
Terms and Conditions/ Privacy Policy
 A sample page is available in your dashboard > website builder > pages > Privacy policy > click on the first green color icon against Privacy policy > Edit it accordingly. Here are the Instructions - How to add a privacy policy to my Knorish site?  
Enable Automations
 Single-point instructions for creating discount coupons for single or multiple courses, categories & bundles.
 This article shows how the custom event tracking codes such as Google Analytics, adding social sharing buttons, or any other codes can be added to your site.
Set up A Blog
 Share your knowledge, experiences or product updates, here're the instructions to set up a blog on your site.
 Email Marketing Integration Mailchimp
 Send out emails to your learners and prospective users from your email lists, there's an option of Mailchimp available.
 Theme customization for the user dashboard, checkout, profile, account, course delivery, and assessment pages.

Add Custom Fields To Request Additional Details From Learners On Sign Up

  Instead of just asking for the standard information of name and email, you can add max. 5 additional fields of your choice of type text, number, date and country.
Add Instructors/Editors or other sub-admins (available from the Professional plan onwards)
This checklist covers initially important features to launch your courses, you can explore the knowledge base for additional features as you grow.